Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday, November 15 – Neopolitan Delight

We have visited Naples twice before.  In 2009, we organized a tour for 6 to the Amalfi Coast where we visited Positano and Sorrento where he had “real” pizza.  We also spent time wandering the ruins of Pompeii.  Last year, MA’s back bothered her so much that we got as far as the terminal before she returned to the ship; D wandered around Naples looking for a BNP bank so he could use his ATM card at a cooperating bank without a service charge.  We got a little farther today.

We had hoped to follow up on advice from the World cruise’s port lecturer who said that there was a pizza place literally under the cruise terminal.  The terminal is built like a big H with a roadway running under the crosspiece.  When we finally put down our e-readers and went looking, we found not one but two little cafes selling pizza and other goodies. 

We picked one and realized we were the only non-Italians there which we took as a good sign.  While sitting in a covered enclosure outside, ordered a pepperoni pizza and 2 Cokes. It was a bit chilly but too bad and the walls surrounding this “patio” offered protection from the wind. The pizza and soda hit the spot and, we thought, was quite affordable at 12.5 euros.  By European standards, it was a bargain.

And that was our big adventure for today.

TOMORROW  --  Gunning for Greece

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