Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday, November 6 – Leftovers

In the good news/bad news department, our packing has caught up to us.  When we were shopping for the wine yesterday, D pulled his reading glasses from his pocket only to discover that one of the ear pieces had become separated from the rest of the pair.  Despite our best efforts, they are doomed, so we will have a new mission when we get to Malaga on Tuesday.  MA had suggested he pack two pair; now it is too late.

On the positive side, we packed a blue tooth speaker we received on the GWV last year and paired it with one of the tablet computers so we have music in the room whenever we want.  Our choices range from Billy Joel [which we played the other night in honor of the evening’s entertainment] to Broadway, jazz and classics.  Currently, Henry Mancini is playing while we dress for dinner [more on that shortly].

Going from leftover news to leftovers, we have told Roy, our waiter, that we want to take a break from the tempura vegetables at dinner.  By the time we have the veggies and appetizers, we are too full to appreciate the entrees and nightly cappuccino.  He was delighted!  He had been ordering two plates anyway and keeping one for himself for after dinner-service.  Now, he can give one to Sudi, his assistant.  Since the kitchen staff was used to preparing two plates, this will not upset their routine and what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

We pushed the clocks forward again today so we are now 5 hours ahead of the East Coast.  We have left the laptop on Eastern time and it is supposed to revert to EST automatically.  We love technology when it works.  Of course, the change meant that we lost lunchtime again today and will lose it tomorrow as we race to synch with Malaga.

Tonight was our second formal night and we were invited to dine with an unspecified officer.  We suspect that there will be an effort to have all of the 5-Star Mariners eat with an officer before the end of the cruise.  We can’t account for our selection on any other basis [except wit and sparkling good looks].  When we arrived at the MDR, we were led to “the big table” where everyone could see us.  There was one other couple plus a single man who came after us.  As it turned out, our anonymous officer was the Hotel Manager who was accompanied by the “art lady” who handles the ship’s art auctions.  Naturally, most of the conversation revolved around cruising with the other passengers playing “one-upmanship” and “drop that name.”  To hear them tell it, they are never home because they cruise so much.  The HM was pleasant enough and spoke of all his HAL ships and background.  Pleasant as it was, we have enjoyed these dinners more with other officers, most recently Capt. Smit on the Westerdam.

Back in the room again a bit past 8 [3 pm EST], we tried to Skype with HJ and Emily without luck, so MA went on line to catch up on Words with Friends and Facebook.

TOMORROW – At Sea, Still

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