Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday, November 17 – Kekira, Corfu, Greece

Lest you worry, there was no entry for yesterday.  It was a sea day with little to distinguish it from all the others.  We did, however, add a new member to our trivia team.  He asked to join us Tuesday and was brave enough to return yesterday.  He and his wife, who are from western North Carolina, joined the cruise Monday in Rome.  She has been under the weather, apparently from jet lag, so we have yet to meet her.  While we all introduced ourselves, we cannot remember his name.  As an aside, we continue to be also-rans with 14 of 18 points, but we are having fun and it is good to have someone else to talk to.

Last night was also Formal Night #4.  We invited speaker George and his wife Jan to share our table while they could because they depart on Saturday when we reach Athens.  We had a pleasant evening talking about our families and travel experiences, two safe topics.  Even though they are Canadian, we did not even tiptoe toward politics.  George and Jen sat next to us on the World, so it was like talking to old friends again.

We planned to explore Corfu more than we did Naples but still intended to find someplace for lunch while ashore.  Once again, we missed our goal.  MA was not feeling up to wandering the old town and she would not let D go alone lest he have another “spell,” so we stayed on board, read and relaxed.  The old town here sounded interesting and very walkable.  There is an old synagogue as well as more than 30 churches in an area that looks to be about 8 blocks square.  Throw in shops and cafes, and it is probably a lively place to walk.  Maybe next time.

We chatted with our anonymous trivia partner by the Lido pool after lunch.  His wife was with him and we made very small talk.  She looked rather wan and appeared to have had tea and crackers for lunch.  We wished her a speedy recovery.  Surprisingly, she joined us at trivia this afternoon.  We played well as a team [14/17] and spent an hour in conversation once the contest was over.  As noted earlier, we have missed the social aspect of trivia and hope we don’t drive them off before we return to Florida.

TOMORROW – Katakolon, Greece

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