Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tuesday, November 29 – Making for Madeira

It was just another day on the medium seas.  The high seas will come later in the week when we have a seven-day stretch of sea days.

The only change from the usual sea day our going to see The Man Who Knew Too Much, an Alfred Hitchcock f from 1956.  It was a spy story starring James Stewart and Doris Day.  The first part of the film – which set up the rest of the plot [again, pun intended] – was set in Marrakech.  We enjoyed watching scenes in the El Fnaa  and elsewhere, reliving our visit in 2001.

TOMORROW – Magnificent Madeira


Wednesday, November 30 – Have Some Madeira, M’Dear

The last little rock between us and home was Madeira, another Portuguese outpost in the middle of nowhere.  We have visited here several times and always been impressed by the abundance of fresh flowers on display throughout the capital, Funchal.  In past visits, we have taken the shuttle from the port to the center of town and then just wandered around.  We are especially fond of the local market with its displays of local fruits and vegetables, flowers and crafts and fresh caught fish.

We are headed for several days of stormy weather and not-so-smooth seas.  We did some bouncing tonight and on occasion thought we had hit potholes in the Atlantic.

TOMORROW – Let the Crossing Begin!

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