Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday, October 30 – Day 2 at Sea

One of the peculiarities of frequent cruising is that you recognize people you have sailed with even if you do not know their names.  We have seen several folks who fall into this category but are not anxious to talk to them.  On the other hand, we were pleasantly surprised to see Roger and Barbara whom we met on the World [the GWV] in 2015.  We ate with them several times and enjoyed their company.  They are traveling with another woman but said they would love to join us for dinner once we leave Rome and their companion returns to the States.  Another familiar face belongs to the Port Lecturer, Barbara, also from the GWV.  We were not impressed by her then and don’t expect to have any contact with her on this trip.  Finally, we were recognized by one of the dining room staff; when we walked into the MDR for breakfast, he asked MA if had been able to get her goat cheese and basil frittata.  We were amazed since the incident referred to happened 18 months ago and he had not been our waiter. 

We have made several forays into the casino, one of the few places left for the smokers to light up.  If the haze and stench are any indicator, then the casino is doing a great business.  MA found a machine she likes but the smoker sitting at the adjacent machine made it impossible to sit there.  She was able to lose her money elsewhere.  D is still ahead on the penny slots, but that will change soon enough.

After breakfast, we worked on the NYT puzzle before “resting” for Trivia.  We set our clocks and watches ahead an hour today, so 1 pm became 2 pm.  The lost hour cost us lunch because we wanted to get to Trivia early.  We did better today [13/18], but the winners had 17 correct, so we were far back again.  In the woulda/shoulda category, we had 2 more answers but still would have lost.  Apparently the only prizes which will be awarded are HAL pins, so it is not much of a loss.

After Trivia, we got salads in the Lido, pretty much our only option since service stops at 2:30 and we didn’t leave the Crow’s Nest [the Trivia venue] until 2:35.  We returned to the comfort of the cabin for reading, writing and SCAN.

Our pre-dinner cocktail was rudely interrupted by  the migration of Pub Trivia to the Ocean Bar.  It was noisy and crowded.  We had no trouble finding a table by the bar, but the barflies were even louder than the trivia people.  We tried to answer the questions for our own amusement but could not hear half of them.  Since this seems to be the new venue, we will have to go elsewhere, probably the Crow’s Nest if it is not too crowded.

Dinner continues to be a pleasant affair.  We and the waiters have struck a mutual affection and respect; service is good and whatever bumps there were Friday have been ironed out. [MA – cabbage roll; D – roast beef, rare; both – cappuccinos].  We listened to the classical piano-violin duo in the Explorer’s Lounge before wandering to the theater to hear pianist Juan Pablo.  D thinks his last name is Subriyano because we heard him on the Prinsendam in 2011.  We were so impressed with his talent then that we bought his only CD.  He probably has more for sale in the Shops Onboard by now.

Once back in the cabin, we read and wrote, as usual, although we were up later than normal because of today’s SCAN.

TOMORROW – Sea Day #3.

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